Announcing Ken's Fire Chili Seasoning  

KEN'S Original Chili Seasoning is what you need to make your chili just right. For over 30 years, from its humble beginnings at church chili feeds and backyard chili cook-offs, KEN'S has been winning over chili lovers with its great taste.

KEN’S Xtra Hot Chili Seasoning was developed by request for those who like more heat in their chili and other recipes.  It has been described as “hot as hell, heavenly taste”.   It has the same great taste and lots more hot. Ken recommends one tablespoon to a pound of meat, but add more or less to make it as hot as you want and enjoy!

One early KEN'S customer said it best -- "Makes your chili taste like you always thought it should!"

All Natural Ingredients Make it Mild or Hot - Never a Bitter Taste Versatile and Easy to Use
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